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Falling in Love with Cham—WOW Glacier du Jeant, France


Adams Glacier Washington

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Makayla is an adventure athlete, forward-thinking creative, and advocate with a deep passion for all alpine adventures! She views challenges as opportunities and embraces being uncomfortable by growing through discomfort, and aims to amplify underdog voices. She has an ever curious, wandering eye for any adventure. She is a changemaker breaking a new trail with creative solutions that innovate change by driving collective action. She enjoys cultivating community and continually adapting as industries shift and the world evolves.

Advocating for something different, globally collective.
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All storms pass.
It's how you weather
them that matters.
– Jimmy Chin

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London, Kuss, Mosquito, Treasurevault Mountains

London, Kuss, Mosquito, Treasurevault Mountains

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I love making connections, building inclusive communities, and collaborating with like-minded people, brand and organizations. If you think we align and want to work together, let's collaborate!

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I love networking and expanding my community with like-minded people and organizations. Let's create or adventure together! 

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