2012 Rafting, Hot Springs, Bare Foot Rock Climbing, Cliff Jumping

Kremmling, Colorado



2012 Rafting, Hot Springs, Bare Foot Rock Climbing, Cliff Jumping‍


January 1, 2012


Kremmling, Colorado

2012 Rafting, Hot Springs, Bare Foot Rock Climbing, Cliff Jumping





Kremmling is not a place I knew about after several years living in Colorado perhaps because of its little known secrets. Chasing peaks and climbing objectives as a weekend warrior often brings tunnel vision to certain regions of the state. Admittedly not many of my activities send me to this location either.

My employer at the time had an annual rafting tradition in which the office closed down and everyone headed to Kremmling for a day of rafting down the river. One of our company owners had a family property nearby where he also stored his raft. We picked up the rafts and went to meet the shuttle we hired to transport our trailers and vehicles downstream to meet at our exit point. We were launching at one point and exiting down river.

Unbeknownst to me were the hidden secrets this section of river would reveal! The rapids were fun and challenging as we swapped chances to oar. Our first stop was a natural hot spring just on the side of the riverbank! We spent a little time enjoying a quick soak and some of us did a little free solo rock climbing with wet bare feet! We loaded back into the rafts and headed across the river where this time we docked at shore so we could run up a large hill to the top of a rock where we jumped into a deep hole in the river! So much fun! The last time I rock jumped this high was into Jenny Lake in Jackson Hole!

The day was epic and I am so grateful to have had this experience and exposure to Kremmling! Maybe I need to buy a raft afterall!


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